Mt Bike across NV on the Great Basin Bike Route

Comstock EPIC starts May 23!



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The Comstock EPIC is a self-supported, border-to-border, cross-Nevada, individual time trial mountain bike race following a similar format as the Tour Divide, Arizona Trail, and Colorado Trail Races.

 One of the 5 racers showing up at the start of the 2015 ITT Comstock EPIC is Kurt Sandiforth - Nevada City, CA. An experienced long distance Bikepacking Racer, Kurt has completed the triple crown of bikepacking: Tour Divide, Colorado Trail and the Arizona Trail and is the current record holder of the three combined race times. Kurt also set the fastest time on the Trans North California Race in 2014. He made it from Verdi, NV to the Pacific Ocean in 49 Hours. Kurt is currently taking time off from his round-the-world on a fat-bike trip. Kurt expects to complete the 513 mile Comstock EPIC in 3 days -- two 200 mile none stop pushes separated by only two, brief sleep stops, with a final 113 mile push at the end.

The route incorporates 15 mountain passes with a total of 35,500+ feet of climbing, including the 4,400 foot hike-a-bike up the east side of the Toiyabe Mountains to the 10,109 foot Ophir summit pass. Racing Kurt are four other experienced Bikepacking Racers: Blake Bockius - Truckee, CA; Josh Billings - Santa Cruz, CA; Jesse Reeves - Reno, NV; and Ted Oxborrow - Washoe Valley, NV.

With Nevada in the middle of it's forth year of drought, the Comstock EPIC challenges racer's strength, endurance, navigation skills and water/food re-supply strategy as they cross the Great Basin from Utah to California unsupported.


SEE the ITT Comstock EPIC route here!

The Great Basin Bicycle Route

 MTBNV Itinerary              Mileage       Range           


 Day 1: Crystal Bay, NV (Stateline) – Washoe S.P.      35               Carson

Day 2: Washoe S.P. – Ft Churchill S.P.                           36               Virginia

Day 3: Ft Churchill S.P. - Rawhide                                76     Dead Camels/Bunejugs                  *Sand Springs/Cocoon Pass

Day 4: Rawhide - Berlin/Ichthyosaurus S.P.               62                  Paradise      

Day 5: Berlin/Ich. S.P. – Big Smoky Valley               36            Shoshone/Toiyabe        

Day 6: Big Smoky Valley - Monitor Valley                  43               Toquima       

Day 7: Monitor Valley – Antelope Valley                    45                 Monitor

(Overnight in Eureka via shuttle)           

Day 8: Antelope Valley – Green Springs                      50         Fish Creek/Pancake

Day 9: Green Springs – Preston                                       46                 White Pine   

Day 10: Preston – Cave Lake S.P.                                       51                      Egan

Day 11: Cave Lake S.P.Border Inn, NV                       46            Schell Creek/Snake

Totals                                                   **526+ miles   15 ranges & *1 pass

**Really ended up at 536 total miles with side trips and extra pedaling. :) 

Nevada Mt Bike endurance record set!

In August 2011, Trevor Oxborrow set a new record for crossing Nevada on a mt. bike pedaling the new bike friendly Great Basin Route along the American Discovery Trail!


5 days, 1 hour and 32 minutes 

Over 500 miles, 39,000' elevation gain, 16 ranges and about 90% dirt....that's awesome! Think you can beat it? Go right ahead. This is an open challenge to all mt. bikers, endurance athletes and record breaking, fame seekers!

Dream Big...Then Live It!

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Ride Across Nevada with MTBNV!

This could be you! 


Mountain Bike Nevada in the News.

*Check out March/April 2011 edition of NV Magazine(pg 6) for the article on the American Discovery Trail.

The American Discovery Trail is a coast to coast, non -motorized use recreational trail that crosses 15 states.

Mountain Bike Nevada has been working closely with the Nevada representatives of the ADT and is pleased to promote and present the new Great Basin Bike Route to the national ADT society as the first alternative bike route along the 6,800 mile trail.  


Day 1 - Mountain Bike Nevada-  Sept 10,  2011

Nevada is the mountain bike mecca!

A land of  Basins and Ranges void of population and huge on recreation.

 There are over 300 mountain ranges  in Nevada making it the most mountainous state in the continental US. Nearly all the ranges run north and south. There are giant fertile basins, barren alkali sinks, countless hot springs and, of course, seemingly endless mountain ranges covered with sagebrush and pinion which typify Nevada's landscape. Nevada's mountains are arid and rugged with some of the largest concentration of high peaks in nation; many of them lie between 10,000' and nearly 13,000' in elevation.

 Most of Nevada lies within the Great Basin region of North America. The rivers in the southeast belong to the Colorado River system, while those of the extreme north drain into the Snake. Like the Humboldt, most Nevada rivers go nowhere, ending instead in desolate alkali sinks.
 Nevada is the driest  state in the nation. Boosting normally clear, cloudless days and extremely starry nights are the benchmarks of Nevada weather.Due to low annual precipitation (Nevada only receives about 7-8 inches annually), the roads and soil endure little erosion and stay preserved in a state of perfect balance for mountain biking ...usually a smooth and fast granite and clay base.
Nearly 80% of Nevada is public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The road system, though mostly dirt, is extensive in Nevada mainly due to the fact that early pioneers and prospectors explored and settled the region so thoroughly in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

 Nevada was made for mountain biking!

Mountain biking was made for Nevada!

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